[lawr, lohr]


1.the body of knowledge, especially of a traditional, anecdotal, or popular nature, on a
particular subject:
 the lore of herbs.

learning, knowledge, or erudition.

3. Archaic.
a. the process or act of teaching; instruction
b. something that is taught; lesson.

Lore Artist Residency is situated at Zocalo Organics, an 83 acre organic vegetable farm that is owned and operated by farmers Bethany Klapwyk and Sebastian Ramirez in Hillsburgh, Ontario. Lore supports artists with the time and space to deepen their practice while engaging with the surrounding ecology and local community.  With a commitment to oral traditions, Lore is a creative hub that hosts storytelling evenings, musical performances, and workshops led by visiting artists.

Our Team
We, Fan-Ling Suen, Heather Tulloch and Jordan Blackburn run Lore Artist Residency. We are visual artists with a passion for growing healthy food and cultivating sustainable communities through the arts.

Fan-Ling Suen: 
Fan-Ling is a visual artist, farmer and community organizer. She is a graduate from the University of British Columbia’s Masters of Fine Arts program in 2010 and Western University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program in 2008.

Fan-Ling has exhibited in Vancouver, Salt Spring Island, Toronto and London, Ontario. She is a recipient of the Roloff Beny Foundation Photography Scholarship and was a finalist for the Salt Spring National Art Prize in 2015. In July 2018, she will continue to develop her research at NES artist residency in Skagaströnd Iceland.

Fan-Ling lives and works in Wellington County and is the Market Manager at Zocalo Organics. Engaged in developing Lore Artist Residency, Fan-Ling recognizes the value of cultivating artistic expression, environmental sustainability and creativity within the community and its members.

Heather Tulloch:
Heather has grown food and flowers across Canada; from community gardens in Nova Scotia, to farms in Ontario, to tiny pockets all across the city of Edmonton, Alberta.
She has a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Design from the Nova Scotia College of Art
and Design. Heather currently lives in Wellington County and works at Zocalo Organics.

Jordan Blackburn:
Jordan is an Alberta born, French Canadian Artist who completed NSCAD University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program in 2016. He has received the Rowland Marshal award for printmaking, was selected as a 2016 regional winner of the BMO 1st Art! competition, and completed a six-month Emerging Artist Residency at the Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers. His work has been collected internationally and has shown in multiple group and solo exhibitions.

 Wearing many different hats as an artist, Jordan is a printmaker, painter, muralist, and a teacher. His art practice considers the multifaceted relationships between human beings and natural spaces, and is growing toward stronger considerations of conservation issues.